First off, let me say that I will not endorse a product that I do not fully believe in. The products I will discuss here are all things that I have used personally and with some success. It is always my goal to be honest and helpful to my readers. There are loads of methods, techniques, pills, herbal remedies, e-books, and audio books out there and it can be a bit overwhelming. Many of these things are simply preying on the desperation that mental illness can bring. I know I would have shelled out my entire savings if that's what it took to buy that "magic cure". But the truth is that there is no magic cure. None of these things will help you unless you are in a mindset to help yourself. Beware of any product that claims to be simple, quick, or easy as they most likely won't work at all.

However, there really are some great products out there on the market that can be very helpful. Every one of the products that I am going to share and review here are things that I have used, still use, and would purchase again. They have helped me a lot in understanding, coping with, and ultimately overcoming my panic attacks. I hope that some of them can bring peace and understanding to you as well. Best of luck! Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions: e-mail me!

A Life Less Anxious by Steve Pavilanis.

This was one of the first books that I read when I started to have really severe panic attacks. It got me through some really tough times and I will always sing it's praises because of that. I was having a lot of trouble understanding my panic attacks and feeling very desperate and alone. This book gave me a ton of perspective and hope. I owe a great deal of respect and gratitude for that. I have now truly achieved a life less anxious! It has now been about 8 months since my last panic attack and there is no looking back for me! It has become one of my personal goals to meet Steve Pavilanis, shake his hand, and personally thank him for helping me to get my life back.

It is truly refreshing to read a book about anxiety disorders that was written by someone who has actually experienced it first hand. Psychologists and doctors can offer lots of help and insight, but unless they really know what it's like, their powers are limited. They can prescribe medications, and this may or not be helpful for you. Steve preaches quite strongly against medication. I suggest seeing your doctor and making that decision yourself. However, he has achieved freedom from panic attacks without the aid of medication so I am sure it can be done. If medication is not working for you, this program may be all the more helpful.

Steve's personal story really spoke to me. I could relate to a lot of his stories and found myself amazed at how similar some of his experiences were to my own. It was extremely comforting to read about a plight so much like that which I was facing and then to discover an amazing success story! This gave me hope that I too could achieve this type of peace and freedom from panic. And ultimately I did! It is a long and hard road. Anything worth having is going to be tough to attain, but this program gives you some great framework from which to build on.

The author offers solutions and tells about how he, personally, overcame panic and reclaimed his life. This is very powerful and inspirational stuff! His methods focus on understanding anxiety and then addressing and changing the root causes, as well as offering some techniques for keeping panic at bay. He relates many of these methods using real-world stories about how he handled panic attacks and faced his fears.

Steve has done an amazing job with this program! I highly recommend A Life Less Anxious to any of my friends suffering from anxiety or panic disorders. This was truly a life-saver for me!

 Hope and Help For Your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes

Hope and Help For Your Nerves is another great book that I read and still keep around to refer to now and again. It makes it's way into my backpack every time I travel out of town. Dr. Weekes gives a very thorough explanation of panic and anxiety from the perspective of a doctor with tons of experience guiding people back to wellness. She does so with great understanding and compassion. She goes into great detail and explains the symptoms of all types of anxiety disorders with great depth.

I found her book very helpful. It may take a while to get through because it is so comprehensive, but I recommend keeping a highlighter handy as you read. You will likely find yourself later wanting to refer back to some of the passages, as she explains nearly everything about anxiety, panic disorders, GAD, and OCD in this book. I found her more clinical explanations of where anxiety comes from and why it happens very useful.

Her techniques focus on lot on acceptance, which sounds very simple but I assure you it is not. She expounds upon this very well and offers many helpful solutions for overcoming anxiety and panic. I highly recommend this book. I feel that it offers a great counter-balance to the more "everyman" approach used in A Life Less Anxious.It offers a much more in-depth understanding of where anxiety comes from and this can help a lot in gaining the fundamental understanding that you need in order to conquer it.


Odd name, huh? This is just part of the author's wonderful sense of humor. Geert explains panic attacks in a very light and easy to understand way. His book, How to Stop Anxiety & Panic Attacks is very simple but well-written. You definitely would not know that English was not his first language! I really love the way that he explains things in way that is so easy to relate to.

I first downloaded his book on Kindle and read it through within a few days. It's an easy read and offers tons of new perspectives and great solutions, such as "the tsunami method". I really enjoy watching Geert's videos. He does a fantastic job of explaining panic attacks and offering excellent solutions for conquering them. View his video below to see what I mean!

He offers a free trial with his program, so I suggest trying that out if you are unsure about it. Learn more here.

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