Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Little About Me.

A Little About Me.

Hello and welcome to Misdirected Anxiety! My name is Aaron. I originally created this blog as a way to express and share my thoughts and feelings about my battles with anxiety and panic disorder. As my journey has progressed, though it has begun to turn into so much more! I have found myself in my love for writing.

About two years ago, I was at a very low point in my life. Panic attacks were consuming my life. In many other ways, I had a lot to love about my life. I was newly married, my career was moving along nicely, and money was not a major worry in my life. I was loving my life and making grand plans with my wife. But I was quietly grappling with anxiety on a daily basis and my world was becoming smaller and smaller as the panic attacks became more intrusive. My relationship with my wife was becoming strained. Although she was a complete angel and as supportive as could be, I knew it was taking it’s toll. My job was becoming increasingly difficult as well. I began to avoid most of the things that I used to enjoy because of associations established with panic attacks. I was now spending most of my days alone at home and when the panic attacks began to find me there, in my own bed, shower, on the couch, or while eating dinner I really began to lose hope.

I spent a lot of time diligently reading book after book on anxiety. I was on a mission to understand just what was happening to me and to find a way to reclaim my life. I tried just about everything under the sun. Some things worked, some did not. With time I was able to learn a lot about my mind and body and come to a good understanding of this anxiety disorder that was destroying my world. Writing about it also became a great way for me to gain better understanding of it all.

Fast forward to present day… Anxiety is but a shadow in my life. I’m mindful that it is still lurking somewhere, but it doesn’t hinder my everyday life. I have not had a panic attack since April. The world has opened back up and I am able to do all of the things that I had before been afraid of. Life is good again! Best of all, I feel very strongly that I have become a better person as a result of all of this. The path I am currently on feels remarkably better than the one I was on when that first panic attack jolted me from my comfort zone. I am unapologetic and shamelessly positive about life. I have always been this way, but had become complacent. I needed panic disorder to come into my life and wake me up. And that it did! It forced me to dig deep inside and re-learn who I am.  For that I am truly grateful.

I now find great love in sharing my experiences and positive outlook with my readers. I have been overwhelmed by the support that I have found online. The mental health community consists of some of the most welcoming and warm individuals you’d care to meet. I hope that my blog is able to help others, even if in just a small way.

Enough with the intro! Get to reading! Thank you so much for coming!



  1. Greetings Aaron,

    Well said, my friend. Your focusing on positive possibilities and not letting negative speculation, dominate your life, is a most inspirational outcome.

    I might add, through bringing further awareness about mental health concerns, those who are not experiencing such issues are most supportive on my site. Indeed, we are all in this together. As you know, mental health issues can happen to anyone.

    With respect and empathy, Gary

  2. Thanks Gary,

    Focusing on positive aspects of life has always been my nature. It was as I grew older that a more pessimistic side began to come out. Mental health issues came into my life around the same time. Coincidence? Who knows?

    Getting back to my true positive nature has done wonders for my life!

    We really are all in this together. The support I have found since I started writing this blog has blown me away. People can be so much better than we tend to give them credit for.

    Thank kindly for your responses. I always appreciate reading them!